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Frequently Asked Questions

What type, age and condition of vehicles do you accept?

We offer a Car Valuation Service on any registered vehicle. For specialised vehicles, including motorbikes, camper trailers and caravans, we may need a few days to ensure you get the best price.

What do I need to bring to the vehicle appraisal?

  • Your car
  • Your current registration certificate
  • All service books and / or log books

What is the ‘build year’ and where do I locate it?

This one is as simple as it sounds, with the build date of the vehicle being the actual month and therefore year that it rolled off the production line at the factory. The build year can be located in all different sections of a vehicle. Please refer to your log book to help pin point the location.

What is my VIN number and where do I find it?

The VIN number is on a compliance plate located on your vehicle. Please refer to your log book to find the location of your compliance plate.

What do I need to bring when you purchase my vehicle?

  • Your car
  • Your current registration certificate
  • All service books and/or log books
  • All spare keys and key fobs
  • Extras (e.g. DVD Earphones)
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Your BSB and Account Details
  • A payout letter (only required if there is outstanding finance on the vehicle)

How long does the sales process take?

If you have all the required documents, the process will take approximately 30 minutes.

How and when will I be paid?

Payment will be made directly into your nominated bank account. Please be aware that this process can take between 1-4 business days. You can contact your Financial Institution for more information about transaction times. Alternately we are happy to provide you with a bank cheque.

What if I have financial interest on my vehicle?

We will require a current payout letter from the financier prior to the sale of the encumbered vehicle. We will pay any funds owed to the financier and provide you with the balance directly into your nominated account. If the appraisal is less than what you owe to your financier, we require that the shortfall amount is cleared before paying out your financier.

Can I retain my personalised plates?

Yes! This is a five minute process, and can be done on site prior to the sale. We will need to know who the plates are registered to.

Does the car need to be registered?

Yes, a part of the valuation process is to road test the vehicle, which means the vehicle needs to be drivable and registered.

Should I cancel my registration?

Vehicles are valued ’as is’, including any residual registration.

Do I need to provide a safety certificate?

No, selling to a licensed wholesaler does not require a safety certificate.

How do I sell on the behalf of a deceased estate?

In this case, we need to deal with the Power of Attorney.

Can I sell on the behalf of a company?

We need to deal with the person that has the authority to sell the vehicle, which in most cases is the purchasing officer.

Do you provide written valuations?

You can receive a free verbal valuation by Contacting a member of our team, or by filling out our free online Car Valuation questionnaire. If a written valuation is required (e.g., for divorce or insurance claims), we charge a fee of $110.00 plus GST.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about selling your used vehicle!

Our Hassle-Free Service

Our service is an approximately 30 minute process. We will ask you to complete a few simple questions to learn more about your vehicle. We will then complete a vendor’s statement and process payment (either cheque or direct deposit). Once this is finalised, all you need to do is contact your insurance company to cancel your insurance!
Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information about selling your used vehicle in Toowoomba today!
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